We would like to acknowledge the sponsors that help us make the Neon Reverb Festival happen. These fine people and institutions are all about the community in Las Vegas, and without their help, a lot of what we call culture would not be possible here.

Zappos First and foremost is our presenting sponsor, Zappos.com. These people have come onto the scene and basically showed everyone that caring makes a difference. They support an untold number of events and help to get people's dreams off the ground and give Las Vegas the opportunity to have a thriving culture of Music, Arts, Tech and basically goodness. If you have never heard of this company or what they do, you should start running some internet searches now. Amazing folks, and we thank them for everything they have done for our city and Neon Reverb. www.zappos.com
Next up is Las Vegas Weekly. They are another institution that helps give culture and the arts a big lift here in Las Vegas. With great articles, excellent staff, and a listing for just about anything you might want to check out in our city, it is like a Wiki for all things happening in LasVegas. www.lasvegasweekly.com