Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neon Reverb?

Neon Reverb is a four-day music festival in downtown Las Vegas. We are here to celebrate the Vegas music scene and to showcase local bands alongside amazing national touring acts. The eleventh edition of Neon Reverb will happen March 10 – 13, 2016. This one, as they say, goes to eleven.


What makes your festival different?

Besides our funky dance moves, the main thing that makes us different from most festivals is that our shows take place in small to mid-sized music venues along east Fremont Street. This isn’t a giant stage in a parking lot / field experience. We like seeing our favorite bands up close and in venues that do live music all the time, so they are good at it. We think you like it too.


Are your venues walking distance from each other?

Yep. Easy walks with lots of bars, food, and opportunities to gamble along the way.


When will tickets go on sale and where do I buy them?

Full weekend festival passes are only $50. They go on sale Thursday, February 18, at 10 am on our website ( You can also buy them in person at 11th Street Records, which is fun because you can also buy records while you’re there. Tickets for individual shows will be starting February 25.


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Individual tickets for shows will be $15 at the door, subject to venue capacity. One of the things we like to do is give you the chance to see super rad bands up close in a small venue. The best way to guarantee you can get in is to purchase a festival wristband.


What does my festival wristband get me?

Your trusty Neon Reverb wristband is a full festival pass that gets you access to all shows in all venues. For shows that are nearing capacity, wristband holders will be admitted before individual tickets are sold at the door. It is the fastest way to get from show to show, venue to venue, and to have the most fun possible. It is also going to get you some drink specials and other perks that the rest of the humans won’t be able to get down with.


How do I find out about cool things, surprise drink specials, and up to the second news that directly impacts my festival experience and general well-being?

Follow us on the good ol’ Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We will send out lots of updates and tips throughout the festival. Some of them will be fun surprises that other people don’t know about. #neonreverb is your friend.


Are your shows all ages or 21 and up?

Age policies will be based on each venue’s regular policies. Most of our shows will be 21 and up, but a few will be 18+. Check the show pages on the website for more info before you purchase.


What time does it start and end?

Doors will open at 7 pm, and most shows will run until 2 am. We also have some early shows and some late night / afterparties.


What is the camera policy?

No flash photography, professional cameras, or video cameras will be allowed. Photos, videos, and hilarious selfies on your phone are super encouraged. #neonreverb.


Do you need volunteers?

We love you. Email us at and let’s chat.


Where do I park?

Your life is a hell of frustration and failed aspirations. Parking downtown can be difficult. Maybe leave your car at home and take Lyft or Uber.


Are there ATMs?

Machines that give you cash in exchange for your personal pin code are plentiful. Each venue has one.


Where should I eat?

Downtown Vegas has a ton of great restaurants. Here’s a link to some of our favorites.


Where should we stay?

Click here for lodging info including discount codes for our hotel partners.   Vegas is also uniquely chock full of great hotels, casino and otherwise. Deals are out there and readily available for the intrepid online shopper.


How far is Neon Reverb from the strip?

Depends on where you’re staying / coming from on the strip, but generally speaking it is three to five miles. It’s usually about 15 minutes on Uber or Lyft, and there’s also a bus line called The Deuce that runs back and forth frequently. Click here for a map.


Will there be merch on sale and can I use my credit card to buy it?

The bands will be selling their own goodies at each venue — some bands will have credit card capabilities, some will be cash only. Neon Reverb merchandise will be available for sale at each venue, cash or credit. Please exchange meaningful glances with the peeps at the merch tables. They like that.


What can I bring?   What can’t I bring?

Treat your Neon Reverb adventure as you would any night that you are going out to a live music venue. They aren’t going to let you bring in outside beverages, bags filled with seventeen cheeseburgers, firearms, or your pet goat. Common sense rules the day.


Can I ride my bike?

Yes. We love bikes. Bike parking is plentiful. As in most downtown situations, your bike will be safest during normal festival business hours, but we don’t advise leaving it locked up overnight.


I have other questions. What do I do?

Email and stay tuned.










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